Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello all, I'm pleased as punch to be here!  In my little corner of the blogosphere, I hope to share some insights and opinions on the things that I read, expand my bookish horizons, and engage with the wider bibliophilic community.  Some posts you can expect from me are monthly reading wrap-up's, book reviews, library and bookshop hauls, and other bits and bobs.

So why "Books for Years"?

I love books, and I have a tendency to buy more than I read.  I definitely have enough books that, if I were to not read any other than those currently on my shelves & e-reader, I would have new material for years.  I don't consider this a "problem", and I have no guilt about the size of my TBR pile (bookcase, really, if I were to separate them).  I see it as a privilege to have the space and means to bring these books into my life, and I treasure them.

Here is a glimpse of my shelves in their current state:

I look forward to sharing their contents with you!

Librorum annis