Monday, September 26, 2016

A Bookish Unboxing (un-enveloping) - The Persephone Diary for 2017

September is rounding the bend toward October, which means that soon there will be only three months left in the year.  While some people are drawn toward all things pumpkin spice, my thoughts move toward...stationery.  There's something about the crispness in the air, the renewal of the academic year, and the wearing of cosy duds that gets me into a reflective mood.  Autumn is the time of year that I write letters to people, instead of emails or social media posts.  It's also when I start looking for the next year's planner.

When Persephone Books announced that they would have a 2017 Diary available, I knew immediately that it would be the one for me.  As a burgeoning lover of their aesthetic, as well as their re-published literature, it was an easy decision to make!  Another tick in the Pros column was the discounted price, which was only available through the end of September.  I decided not to dilly-dally, and placed my order straight away.  Including shipping charges, the diary cost right around $25; I ordered mine straightaway.  One week later, I came home to this -

Ooooh look at the pristine, luxurious, dove grey cover!

Pulling out the diary, it looks exactly like one of Persephone's traditionally-published books.   The one obvious difference is that, here, a sewn-in, ribbon bookmark is included instead of a paper one that you would receive with the grey editions.  I expect to tote this planner around with me a great deal in 2017, so it's nice not to have to worry about losing the bookmark.

I do wonder why Persephone chose blue ribbon.  With the grey cover, white title card, and black/grey colophon, the blue seems terribly out of place.  A very small gripe, but there it is.  Now back to the positives!

The contents include the same high quality paper, the same thoughtfulness in the details, and the gorgeous endpapers from all 120 books that will be published by the end of 2016. Here are a few particular examples...

Someone at a Distance.  I do wish we had Bank Holidays like they do in the UK.  Le sigh.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  A lovely bouquet is so fitting for Valentine's Day week.

In the final pages, you'll find endpapers for the three Persephone books that will be published later in 2016 - Every Good Deed and Other Stories, Long Live Great Bardfield, and Madame Solario.  I won't spoil them here, but rest assured that they on equal loveliness footing as the other 117 selections.  There are also a few pages set aside for notes and other scribblings.

The 2017 diary endpapers from the forthcoming Madame Solario

Whilst the Persephone Books 2017 diary is a bit weightier than other, more conventional options, I will absolutely carry it with me.  It is a gift to myself that I shall treasure throughout the year, even during those times when stationery isn't at the forefront of my thoughts.

Librorum annis