Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Itty Bitty Book Haul

My workplace is in what could be accurately described as The Outskirts of the Middle of Nowhere.  Within walking distance is a supermarket, a few fast food restaurants, a kidney dialysis center, and a branch of the county's library system.  Quite a mixed bag of dearth, to say the least.  

The library is small, and unfortunately doesn't have a great selection of books or other enticements.  However, I make a lunchtime trek four times a year for the library's quarterly book sale.  Right inside the front doors, there are some shelves of books for sale, mostly classics of the Western Cannon, but the real goodies are at the far edge of the building, in what appears to previously have been a storage closet.  But with shelves, glorious shelves!  

Photos from the Friends of the Library website 

It's always an adventure pouring over the assortment of books you'll find.  Sometimes, you might even find a serendipitous gem.  Earlier this year, right after I returned from holiday in New Orleans, I found a cookbook of Cajun and Creole cuisine for $2!  I've never managed to leave one of these book sales empty handed, and my most recent visit was no exception.  Four books for $4?  Yes, please!

Was I in the mood for some red books?  It would seem that I was.  Iris Murdoch, Jamaica Kincaid, and Philip K. Dick are all authors of whom I've heard, but have never read, so I'm very excited to get to them.  I read Wild a few years ago, from a library, so I'm quite pleased to have my own copy.  Under the Net follows Jack Donaghue as he struggles to become a writer amidst the distractions of London and the various shenanigans he gets into.  A Small Place is a long-form essay critiquing the post-colonial society and politics on the Caribbean island of Antigua.  Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle lays out an alternate modern world, one where the Axis Powers won WW2.  It was recently made into a series from Amazon Studios, so if I enjoy the text I might consider checking out the adaptation.   

Librorum annis